First Joint Meeting of Asian Society of the History of Medicine & History of Medicine in Southeast Asia

Jakarta, 27-30 June 2018

National Library of Indonesia
The National Library of Indonesia

Joint meeting of the Asian Society for the History of Medicine and History of Medicine in Southeast Asia, hosted by the Indonesian Academy of Sciences, located at the south end of Monas (the large square in the centre of Jakarta.

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The opening ceremony took place in the large auditorium of the National Library of Indonesia. Hans Pols (standing) with Sangkut Marzuki, the president of the Indonesian Academy of Sciences.










The opening was followed by a plenary address by Prof Sangkut Marzuki on the history of the Eijkman Institute, and a symposium on the Medical Journal of the Dutch Indies. It was followed by the launching of an edited volume on this topic in two languages. In front of the cover images: all authors in this volume who were present at the meeting.


Anies Baswedan, the governor of the special district of Jakarta, invited us for dinner at City Hall.

picture city hall

Rusdhy Hoessein (second from right) led the tours of the medical museum at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Indonesia, and then at the Museum of National Awakening (with, from left to right, Sudirman Nasir, Tyas Suci, and Jennifer Nourse (right).

image excursion